Frequently Asked Questions

Queso Mama answers your most frequently asked questions. And if you don’t see what you need here, please reach out to us here or hit us up on social media. We do our best to answer promptly, but please bear with us as we are growing and meeting new fans daily.

Here are the answers to questions we often receive.

Our White Queso with Green Chiles, White Queso with Roasted Jalapenos, and Fiesta Queso are all gluten free.

Queso Mama uses vegetable rennet and enzymes in our queso dips. We do not use animal rennet.

No and there never will be. Why? We take our responsibility to our keto and diabetic fans very seriously. We get hundreds (if not thousands) of emails, messages, and texts thanking us for making a tasty, high-quality snack food that is approved for the special diet needs of those with a keto lifestyle, diabetic constraints, and anyone needing a low-carb fun food. One carb per serving!

We are DYING to get shipping figured out. We get a ton of requests, and it bothers us too we haven’t found a good solution. The cost to ship overnight with enough cold packs to ensure safe temperatures is so high, it doesn’t make sense for our customers. We are discussing “subscriptions” to the Queso Mama Fan Club, which might could include regular shipments of queso, swag, and recipes.

On super special occasions, we have shipped our queso when our fans need it (desperately!) for a wedding reception (their first date he wooed her with our queso), funeral (their grandfather’s favorite snack and the family wanted to honor him), high school graduation party, and one dude in Montana who has the art of persuasion perfected.

Our website has a new store locator feature. Just enter the ZIP or address of your choosing, and the map will pull up all Costco warehouses, Targets, and Whole Foods Markets carrying our products. The locator works like this: Once someone scans a jar at Target or Whole Foods, the locator will start recognizing that store as a location. For Costco, it’s a manual upload every time we get a report from them letting us know where they have placed us. That takes us a few days, so thank you for your patience.

Well, you can’t freeze Queso Mama, the person! But YES YES YES you can freeze our queso products! You can freeze straight from the tubs, but if you do this you will need to commit to thawing the whole tub in the fridge before following the reheating instructions on the back of the tub.

You can also divide the queso into smaller portions and freeze in freezer-friendly packaging. This way, you can thaw smaller amounts as you need your queso fix.

It can stay frozen almost indefinitely, but we do like to suggest opening and enjoying within six months.

Yes! Instructions for microwaving are on every jar we sell. Queso Mama likes to scoop some into a microwave-safe bowl, set the timer for 45 seconds at 40% power, and then stir and repeat until the queso is completely heated through. It will be super thin at first while super hot, but as it cools, the queso becomes those magically cheesy bowl of love our fans can’t stop raving about.

We can’t give an exact number of days, as we are advised that customers may not follow the refrigeration regulatory guidelines to a T. That being said, if you keep the queso refrigerated at all times, reheat in a separate container (vs the original one), and don’t pour any leftover reheated queso back in the original tub, then you should easily enjoy a 2-3 week window after opening.

Leigh Oliver’s is the original brand name when the company made lots of different kinds of products for Costco and Whole Foods. Back in 2017, the company dropped everything to focus on the exponential growth of the queso products and the Queso Mama’s own son came up with the beloved “Queso Mama” brand. Whole Foods is the last retailer to make the switch to the new Queso Mama brand. It’s the same quality products you’ve come to know and love, just new packaging and messaging. And a few new flavors!