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You guys are amazing! I love your product so much. Nothing even gets close to you guys! Thanks for being so tasty

Brooke – Pennsylvania

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a HUGE fan of Queso Mama products. Your brand makes the best queso in the world. I always buy it at Target, and then I sometimes splurge and get the big one at Costco 🙂 Thank you for making such a great product, I would love to hear back!! You all rock!!!!

Emily – Bloomington, Minnesota

So good, just be warned: it’s addicting!

Keely W.

I just wanted to say this queso is the best I’ve ever had. I don’t like spicy and this has the exact right amount. I get it every time I go to Costco. Please never stop selling it there.

Stephanie – Michigan

Fantastic Queso!!
Tell Leigh I was very upset at y’all…I thought you were gone! I was freaked out
But after some research I found Queso mama!!
Thank heavens….you scared me to death.

Best Queso ever!!
Great job

Joey – Memphis, TN

Most amazing queso ever!!! So addicting!

Melissa E.

Best white queso ever!

Amanda B.