Team Queso Mama shares tips on how to get your local grocer to carry our creamy white queso dips.

The most effective way to see our queso on the shelves is to speak with the store manager or dairy or dairy manager and explain why you think Queso Mama’s dips would be a great addition to their queso lineup. Be sure to find out if their competitors sell Queso Mama. If so, highlight the growing popularity of queso dips and the potential for increased sales. A follow-up letter addressed to the manager you spoke with is essential. Please mail a thank you letter recapping the top 3 reasons why you think they should start carrying Queso Mama, and thank the manager for listening and assisting you with the request.

Another avenue to consider is visiting your local grocery store website’s “Contact Us” page. However, the online product request doesn’t go to your local store but to the corporate office. Please submit your request for Queso Mama’s products, available in 12 oz. containers (only 32 oz. containers sold at Costco), to be sold in their store. In the comment/text box, remember to provide information about Queso Mama, including the two varieties offered, emphasize that the dip is gluten-free and vegetarian, comment on your experience with the quality and uniqueness of the dips, and share the popularity of queso recipes you’ve served at gatherings with family and friends.

Show the grocery store there is demand for Queso Mama’s products in your area. Don’t worry…this isn’t as difficult as you think. Organize a petition or social media campaign with your immediate circle because they have enjoyed your delicious queso dishes. You can even gather support from residents interested in purchasing Queso Mama’s products by asking them to share feedback from friends and family who have tried Queso Mama Dips as an appetizer or meal.

Once your local grocer starts carrying Queso Mama, support the product by purchasing it regularly and encouraging others to do the same. The grocery store notices a steady increase in a product’s sales which can lead to adding more Queso Mama Dips to their inventory.

By taking these steps and being persistent, you should be able to get your local grocer to carry Queso Mama in no time. Remember to be polite, professional, and prepared to provide information to support your case. Good luck and we appreciate your support!!