Hey there, Queso Mama foodies; as fall is in full swing and the golden leaves sprinkle the pavement, we can’t help but think of the brilliant pairing of Oktoberfest brews and QUESO! As the creamiest brand on the block, Queso Mama and select beers are a match made in cheese heaven. Buckle up because these pairings will take your taste buds on a wild ride!

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Bavarian Lager & Queso Mama’s Beer Queso
Let’s kick things off with a classic Bavarian Lager. Now, pair that with the creamy goodness of Queso Mama’s Beer Queso and soft pretzel. The lager’s malty undertones sinfully unite with the velvety smoothness of the queso. It’s like a little Oktoberfest dance party happening on your taste buds!

Hefeweizen & Queso Mama’s Fiesta Queso
Next up, let’s add a little twist. With its wheaty aroma and hints of banana and clove, hefeweizen pairs flawlessly with Käsespätzle, a German-style mac and cheese. Add a delightful contrast by substituting shredded cheese with Queso Mama’s Fiesta Queso. The mild peppers, tomatoes, and onions create just the right amount of spice to enhance the beer’s fruity notes, making an explosion of flavors.

Dunkelweizen & Queso Mama’s Cantina Queso
To round off our Octoberfest journey, quench your thirst with Dunkelweizen – a crowd-pleaser. This darker, toasty wheat beer has chocolatey undertones that are begging to be paired with Queso Mama’s Cantina Queso. The smooth and creamy flavor of the queso doesn’t overpower; however, it enhances the deep flavors of the Dunkelweizen. You and your guest will agree this pairing is simply out of this world.

Alright, queso fans, if these pairings don’t inspire you, we don’t know what will. Imagine hosting an Oktoberfest gathering with these stunning beers and queso combinations. Trust Queso Mama, your friends will be talking about it until next October!

Make this Oktoberfest a cheesy affair to remember. Cheers!

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