Queso Mama was created with the purpose of bringing fun yet clean-labeled food to families’ homes. Today, it is a staple, welcomed at family tables and an ingredient easily incorporated into any dish to bring the soul to every meal.

Taco rice with queso is a quick and easy home dish that will wrap you in that warm feeling of nostalgia while giving your taste buds a kick of soulful flavors. In a large skillet cook ground beef until thoroughly cooked. Then add in taco seasoning, salsa or diced tomatoes, and rice and stir until incorporated. The meal isn’t complete without pouring heated-up Queso Mama White Queso over the rice. This will give your dish an exciting tang that’ll get better with each bite!

In the realm of culinary delights, few dishes evoke overwhelming positive and sentimental emotions, but even the simplest of meals can be transformed with Queso Mama. This powerhouse ingredient embodies the nostalgia of comfort foods. It weaves together flavors and textures that resonate with your taste buds and emotions alike. Its rich, creamy cheese base intertwined with vibrant peppers evokes the essence of home-cooked meals with creative twists and elicits feelings of sentiment and familiarity. Leigh Vickery, the founder of Queso Mama, encapsulated this idea when she said, “Queso is becoming more and more of a staple than an indulgence.” Queso Mama breathes love into every dish it graces, infusing flavor and a touch of heartfelt sentiment that lingers on the palate long after the meal has ended.

Queso Mama’s gluten-friendly label invites more families to try this cheesy goodness and challenges them to find new and creative ways to incorporate it into their meals. Whether enjoyed as a dip, a topping, or a sauce, Queso Mama effortlessly transports your pallet to cherished memories around the table through each velvety bite.


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