Are you a Costco member? Have you ever wanted Costco to keep or bring back a product offered in their warehouse? Or maybe you’ve had an amazing experience with a particular employee and want to give them a shoutout. Whatever the case may be, Costco welcomes member feedback and wants to hear from you! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of submitting feedback and making your voice heard.

Step 1: Visit the Costco website or in-store via a Member Feedback Card
To begin the feedback process, head to the Costco website. Once there, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on “Feedback” or the blue button on the right side of the page. Select WEBSITE or WAREHOUSE. This will direct you to a form where you can select the topic you would like to provide feedback on, such as products or customer service. You’ll also be given the option to rate your experience and leave a comment.  The Member Feedback Card can also be filled out at your physical warehouse location and is typically found in the very front by the checkout area.

Step 2: Provide specific details.
When providing feedback, it’s important to be as specific as possible about your experience. Include details such as the location of the store you visited, the name of the employee(s) involved, or the specific product(s) you wanted to give feedback. This will help Costco better understand the situation and make any necessary improvements.

Step 3: Share positive experiences!
While feedback is often associated with negative experiences, it’s just as important to share positive experiences with Costco. If you had an amazing experience with a particular employee or if you tried a new product that exceeded your expectations, let Costco know! Positive feedback is just as valuable as negative feedback and helps recognize employees who are doing an excellent job or products that you want to continue to purchase.

Submitting feedback to Costco is an easy and effective way to make your voice heard and to help improve the overall Costco experience for all members. Remember to be specific, constructive, and share positive experiences too! Your feedback is important to Costco and they want to hear from you. So go ahead, speak up!