Today, we have some exciting news to share with all the queso lovers out there. To meet the needs of our loyal customers, Queso Mama has expanded into more Target locations.

That’s right; you can now find your favorite Queso Mama products at over 900 Target locations. White Queso with diced green chiles and White Hot Queso with roasted jalapenos are all made with high-quality ingredients and are perfect for entertaining or just enjoying as a snack.

Now, onto our top three ways to unite people. First, we love to serve queso with a big bowl of tortilla chips. It’s a classic combination that never fails to please when sharing a table.

Second, queso is also great as a topping for nachos. Pour our White Hot Queso over a pile of tortilla chips and add your favorite toppings like steak, corn, and refried black beans.

And third – time to cultivate morning time togetherness, queso can be used as the primary ingredient in making a delicious breakfast casserole. Toppings like chopped green onion, salsa, and Queso Mama White Queso are great for adding extra flavor and nutrition to your meal routine.

Lastly, we have to say that Target is one of our favorite places to shop for home and kitchen products. They always have a great selection of high-quality merchandise at affordable prices, with clean and well-organized stores. We’re thrilled to share that more locations are now carrying Queso Mama products.

Happy shopping and happy snacking!