It turns out there have been queso addicts since the 1890s. And centuries later… queso-natics continue to describe melted cheese as silky smooth, ooey gooey, and even a spicy miracle. Now, a robust queso revolution is evolving from coast to coast. CIA (Cheese Intelligence Agency) officials are reporting an uptick in sightings of queso addicts after exposure to Queso Mama’s dips. The top 9 ways to know if you, a family member, or a friend is a queso addict:

  1. You always have a tub of queso dip in your fridge, and it’s your go-to snack for any occasion.
  2. You have been known to put queso on everything from eggs to burgers to pizza.
  3. You judge the quality of the establishment by the quality of their queso.
  4. You own an exclusive bowl for serving queso, and always share your extensive knowledge about the proper amount of bubble wrap required for safe and secure bowl storage.
  5. You eat queso straight out of the tub with your favorite spoon with Keep Calm & Eat Queso embossed on the handle.
  6. You drive out of the way to a specific store or restaurant just to get your favorite queso is a social norm – to you.
  7. You recite fun facts about the cultural significance of queso at gatherings makes you the life of the party.
  8. You have considered getting a queso-themed tattoo or incorporating the cheesy dip into your party decor.
  9. You plan on naming your next pet, Queso.