Happy Fourth of July to all the Queso Mama lovers everywhere! As you gear up to celebrate this national holiday, don’t forget to incorporate Queso Mama’s savory dips in your festivities; it’ll have all your neighbors talking and leave guests wanting more after every bite.

July 2, 1776, marks a monumental day for our country. On that day, the Second Continental Congress met in what is now Independence Hall and declared independence from Great Britain. However, it wasn’t until July 4, 1776, that the members of Congress completed and approved the final revisions of the Declaration of Independence, marking it the day we now remember as the first Independence Day.  This year, declare your independence from the other “cheese dips”… join forces with Queso Mama lovers to add a fun food to your celebration!

When creating your menu for Fourth of July celebrations, start with finger foods. There’s no better way to continue the party than with seasoned grilled corn on the cob; this easy-to-make recipe will keep all your guests happy. Simply pick a few of your favorite herbs and spices such as paprika, basil, pepper, chives, oregano, and parsley. Next, smother your corn in a mixture of your chosen spices and grill it until it’s reached its sweet and smokey prime. Finally, the ingredient that will elevate this palatable dish is a drizzle of Queso Mama’s vegetarian white queso with diced green chilies.

As you commemorate our nation’s freedom this year, ring in the fun with Queso Mama’s Steak Nachos. Grill a mouthwatering steak to your version of perfection, then over a bed of chips toss in corn, refried beans, and statue peppers, topped off with your favorite gluten free Queso Mama sauce. If you’re looking to spice up the day, the fiesta queso infused with tomatoes and mild peppers is a sure way to add a bold and rich flavor to your nachos.

Cap of the holiday festivities with Queso Mama’s Cauliflower Tacos. Prep and cook a bowl of cauliflower and once ready add a spoonful to each tortilla. Next, add in shredded cabbage and pico de gallo, or personalize the dish with your favorite toppings – it is a free country after all. Once your taco is prepped, finalize the meal with a drizzle of your favorite Queso Mamma sauce to send family and friends taste buds into culinary heaven.

No matter how you celebrate this Independence Day, Queso Mama is there to bring all your savory endeavors to the next level. Light up your meals with any variety of Queso Mama, while eye-catching fireworks light up the night sky!

queso mama caulflower tacos