Queso Mama Salsa Con Queso

32 oz.

Queso Mama Salsa Con Queso is going to be your newest favorite!!

Our newest variety combines everything you love about queso and salsa into one delicious dip. It’s packed with quality ingredients like tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, jalapenos and green chiles. This makes Salsa Con Queso a great snack addition to any gathering. Pour it over tortilla chips, hotdogs and scrambled eggs or dip pita chips and vegetables. Salsa Con Queso also makes a tasty sauce to pour over pasta or mix with taco meat and rice for the best Taco Rice around! If you need a product in the kitchen that the whole family will enjoy on just about any meal, try Queso Mama Salsa Con Queso!

– Vegetarian
– Gluten Free
– Made with quality ingredients
– 1 gram carbs per serving

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